can you unlock car door with knife

Can You Unlock a Car Door With a Knife?

Applying hacks to life problems can be very helpful at times. One such hack is learning to unlock a car door with a knife.

Unlocking a car door with a knife is a hack that’ll come in handy if you ever lose your car keys. However, it requires care and delicate attention to detail.

Ideally, when you lose your car keys, the next step is to contact car key replacement professionals. But, it’s not every time you’ll have access to these professionals. Sometimes, they may be too far away or busy to help you open your car door without a knife.

That’s why we’ve written this article. Here, we’ll discuss all there is to know about unlocking a car door with a knife. We’ll also discuss why unorthodox methods (like using a knife) for opening your car door aren’t always advisable.

Let’s get right into it!

Can You Unlock a Car Door With a Knife?

Yes, it’s possible to open a car door without a car key using a knife. Now that you know it’s possible, the next logical question is whether it’s safe to unlock a car door with a knife. The truth is, it depends on your level of skill when it comes to such situations.

The success of your attempt at opening your car door with a knife depends on the type of car lock. Compared to automatic locks, manual locks are easier to pick because they have less sophisticated alarm systems.

Manual locks also have fewer restrictions like wires or pieces that hinder the unlocking process from outside. Manual car lock systems are also easy to reach and pull up when wedging the door.

On the other hand, automatic locks have more complex security systems. They’re more secure and connected to alarm systems. It’s advisable to unlock these lock types with its key or remote control.

If you’re the kind of person that always locks yourself out, you may want to consider having spare keys around. However, if there aren’t spare keys around, here’s a guide you can follow on how to unlock car doors with a knife below.

How to Unlock a Car Door With a knife?

Using a knife to unlock your car door requires a high level of dexterity. All you need to do is create a wedge in the space between the car door.

It’ll enable you to create a space between the car body and the doorframe for the knife to pass through. Butter or putty knives are best for unlocking your car door.

Next, slide the knife into the door gap and keep at it till it’s visible through the window. Keep working the blade carefully so you don’t damage the weather stripping of your car.

You may have several unsuccessful attempts, especially if it’s your first time. The end has to be when you successfully reach the lock and open your vehicle.

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Unlocking Car Door With A Knife: Pros and Cons

In life, there are always two sides to everything. Unlocking car doors with knives can be great when you lose your car keys. Nonetheless, there are also downsides to it.

There are debates as to whether it is advisable to use a knife to open car doors. For now, there are no conclusive answers to this debate. The urgency of lost car key situations barely leaves room for considerations.

You’ll be able to deduce better from the following points below. Here, we discuss the upsides and downsides of unlocking your car with a knife.

Benefits of Unlocking Car Door With Knife

Here’s why you should consider using a knife to unlock your car:

Survival Skill

Knowing or mastering the act of unlocking car doors with a knife can be a life-saving skill. I’m certain dangerous situations, this skill will come in handy.

A combination of a butter-knife car door unlocking technique and knowledge of hotwiring a vehicle can be a lifesaver. You can escape dangerous situations by knowing how to apply these two.

Quick Fix

We all love immediate solutions to problems. Using a knife to unlock a car door is one of those quick-fix solutions.

It’s normal for you to avoid stress if you find yourself without your car keys. Realistically, that’s about the same thought that comes to everyone in this situation.

Since it seems faster and quicker, it’s the same reason you may be tempted to learn to unlock car doors with a knife. Based on your level of expertise, a knife can do the magic within a couple of minutes.

Saves Time and Cost

Locking your keys mistakenly in your car can be a very frustrating situation. In a case of emergency, unlocking your car with a knife can be of utmost importance.

You’ll no doubt be saving a great deal of time and cost knowing how to unlock a car door with a knife.

Downsides to Unlocking A Car Door With A Knife

Using unconventional methods to unlock car doors sure has its disadvantages. Asides from facilitating wear and tear, there are other problems you can link to these issues. They include:

Can Lead To Car Lock Damage

Unprofessionalism, impatience and inadequate knowledge contribute to car lock damage when trying to open your car with a knife. It costs a decent amount of money to replace your car lock.

Unbudgeted expenses like damaged car locks can be very annoying. Experts can sometimes fix damaged car locks. Other times, the lock will need a total replacement.

Spur Criminal Activities

spur criminal activities

It would help if you were careful when trying to access your car with a knife because you never know who’s beside you. A criminal-minded fellow may be standing by the corner, mastering the method you’re applying from a distance.

Your car may be the first victim of the criminal’s newly acquired skill. Unsuspecting neighbours will have to suffer for this avoidable act. It can result in the loss of valuables in the neighbourhood.

Mess With the Security System of Your Car

Unsuccessful attempts in unlocking car doors with a knife can tamper with your car’s security system. Newer car models have more advanced security systems.

It’s not advisable to use a knife to unlock the doors of such cars, no matter the situation. Instead, seek car key replacement services immediately.

How Else Can I Unlock My Car Door Without the Key?

Using a knife to unlock your car door isn’t the only way to get out of situations where you don’t have your car keys. You need to understand that the locking systems in vehicles differ. Older vehicles can open easily, while newer ones have power locks with controllers that open them.

If you misplace your car keys, the first step is to know where your car lock is located on the inside. The location of the car lock will determine the best method for opening your car without keys.

Forgetting your car key inside your car can be quite frustrating. With the following alternative methods, you can open your car quickly without using your key.

Shoestring Method

This method seems easy but requires every atom of skill and seriousness. You’ll have to tie a little circle in the string and aim for the lock. Next is to fix the circled area of the string on it and pull.

This method requires persistence because it’s challenging to get it right on the first trial. Asides from the numerous attempts it sometimes requires, it’s also quite effective. Also, you need to know if this method applies to your car lock type.

Use a Screwdriver

It’ll only take you a few seconds to unlock your car with a screwdriver and steel rod. After locating the lock, you’ll have to be careful so you don’t ruin your car paint.

You’ll have to wedge your car door with the steel rod to create space for the screwdriver. Don’t apply too much pressure, so you don’t break the lock mechanism. When the required space for the screwdriver is set, slide it into the door’s top side.

Push the screwdriver past the car’s rubber till the tip is inside your vehicle. Then use the screwdriver to push the lock, and voila, you’re in. It’s not always as easy as it sounds.

use a screwdriver

Use a Tennis Ball

This method is somewhat funny, but reviews attest to its effectiveness. This unusual method involves drilling a hole in the ball and placing it on the keyhole. When it’s on the keyhole, you push it. The air from the ball will do the magic.

Coat Hanger Technique

You’ll need a wire coat hanger for this method. Start by untwisting the coat hanger and working it to the form you desire. Then, it goes through the climate strip right into the window.

Then you’ll have to continuously shake it around until you make contact with the lock. Importantly, note that this method works for only horizontal locks.

It may take some time, but it works when you continue with calculated and persistent efforts. Since you’re aiming directly at the locking instrument, there will be no need to press down the catch inside the vehicle. A slim jim tool can also suffice.

Call the Cops or Security for Assistance

Security agencies always have the right tools to fix this kind of problem. Calling the cops is best when you feel you’re in danger. Mostly, the cops may have more valuable things to do. Calling them for your car lock issues may be a waste of their precious time.

Car Key Replacement Services

Using unconventional methods to unlock your car can be quite stressful and can cause damage. In most cases, it’ll only lead you to unnecessary expenses, time wastage and frustration. It can be pretty annoying when you try to save money but end up incurring more expenses.

You can avoid the above by hiring or seeking the help of professionals. Whether you use a regular car key or car fobs, car key replacement services have the tech to open your car doors.

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In the End

Learning to unlock your car door with a knife may seem like a good idea. However, it isn’t always the best option. Unlocking your car door with a knife can leave the security system of your car in bad shape.

The right thing to do is to seek car key replacement services. At Car Key Replacement CA, we can help you out of such situations effortlessly and swiftly.

Call us for your speedy car key recovery today. We treat every call with a sense of urgency as we never know what may be at stake. Think of speedy car key recovery; think Car Key Replacement CA!