What is the Cost of Hiring a Car Key Locksmith in Toronto?

Most times, when you need to know the cost of hiring a car key locksmith, it’s an emergency. That’s because not many people have plans for a day when their car key gets lost. So, you hardly ever need the services of a car key locksmith until you can’t find the keys. And you’ll agree that 100% of the time, lost car keys are an urgent situation.

It’s normal to misplace the keys to your car. Some twenty years ago, replacing a lost key was as easy as going to a hardware store. But, because it was easy to clone a key, it was easy to steal the car. As a result, manufacturers have to upgrade car key systems and accompanying security.

The keys they make nowadays have different patterns and technology. Therefore, if you’re not a professional, you can’t just clone the right key. So, if you find yourself suddenly needing replacement car keys, you should consider hiring an auto locksmith.

The services of a locksmith don’t stop at just cloning keys. They can make spare keys, and even create locks to ensure your safety. However, it’s important that when you want to hire a locksmith you should hire a professional. Not only should they have skills, but they must offer speedy, professional services

In this article, we’ll show you the exact cost of hiring a car key locksmith. We’ll also explain the factors that influence the cost of these locksmiths. Perhaps more crucially, we’ll show you what to do when you need an auto locksmith.

What is the Pricing for a Car Key Locksmith?

Several factors affect the cost of hiring a car key locksmith. But on average, an auto locksmith will charge you between $55 to $250. This cost can change due to many factors. One of them is the availability of the locksmith.

Another factor that can affect the pricing for a car key locksmith is the distance the locksmith has to travel. For example, when you hire a car key locksmith in you may end up paying more if they have to work outside of Toronto.

Other factors that can affect this cost include:

Type of car key lock

Most of the time, when you are looking for an auto locksmith, you want a cheap one. While this isn’t a crime, it’s best to know what type of lock you have.

This will play a great deal in the price the auto locksmith will charge. Here are some types of locks and the respective costs of their replacements;

Remote keys

In this time of innovation, hardly will you see a car that doesn’t have a key remote. This remote can help you with some functions from a certain distance. In most cases, these key remotes need a special program to perform.

So, to replace this kind of car keys, you’ll need a highly trained locksmith. If you want to replace a key remote you can budget between $150 and $300.

Laser keys

The new car keys we see today mostly have laser cuts. The easiest way to notice the difference between these keys and the regular key is the shank. The primary difference is the shank always has a special winding cut, unlike regular cad keys. Additionally, the thickness of the shank of laser keys is always bigger than that of the regular keys.

Because of these distinct properties, the cost of car key replacement for laser keys will be higher. That’s because to make these types of keys, you need special machines and techniques. Moreso, these keys always have chips that require some programs. As a result, the professional locksmith must understand these programs, and of course, this will increase the cost.

Most of the time, to replace these laser keys, you may need to contact the manufacturer. To fix these types of keys, you can budget between $150 to about $300.

Transponder keys

In many cases, you’ll use these types of keys to start the ignition of your vehicle. Sometimes, these keys may take the shape of a basic or laser key. The only addition is the chip, which needs some configuration. The average cost for hiring a car key locksmith for transponder keys ranges between $250 and $400.

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Smart Key

If your car is the type that you press a button to ignite, then you most probably have a smart key. It’s a remote with programs that make your ignition a single button tap.

Now, when you misplace keys like this, it’s a different ball game. Most of these keys have their trademark from the makers. So, it’s not easy to buy elsewhere from the manufacturers. Changing these types of keys will cost between $250 to $600.


Type of vehicle

There’s always a clear difference between older vehicles and newer ones. Asides from the aesthetics, the engine and other components always differ. The same situation applies to the keys of these vehicles. And in turn, this will affect the cost of car key replacement.

A car produced in 1985 will have a regular car key. For a car launched in 2020, you’ll most likely be getting a smart key. Now, because of the sophistication of these keys, the cost of hiring a car locksmith to work on both vehicles will differ.

Time and distance

If you have issues with your car key, the location of your locksmith is important. If you are far away from the locksmith, then you should factor in the distance. You’ll most likely need to cover the transportation expenses of your locksmith.

Likewise, there are some times when you may need emergency locksmith services late at night. This situation will directly influence the cost of hiring a car key locksmith.

Skill level of the locksmith

When you’re looking around for a locksmith, one important factor is skill and experience. The way a new professional will fix your keys will differ from an experienced pro. But that experience may come with a commensurate increase in pricing.

Type of service

As much as a locksmith is your number one option during an emergency, they also offer other car key replacement and repair services.

These job descriptions come with different price tags. Let’s take a look at some of their services;


If you misplace your car key, there’s a possibility it can get into the wrong hands. A locksmith can help you replace the current lock with a new one. By doing this, no one will have access to your car.

This same story goes when you misplace your ignition key. It’s best if you rekey the ignition to ensure protection. Rekeying the car locks costs between $30 to $60, while rekeying an ignition costs between $70 to $160.

Car key configuration

For the car keys with advanced technology, you may need to reconfigure your keys. It’s not always advisable to try it on your own. Some of these configurations aren’t so simple. The cost of hiring a car locksmith for this service ranges from $50 to $200.

Changing locks and key

There are times that the locks of your car may get bad. If this is the case, rekeying may not be your best option.

How to Find a Great Car Key Locksmith in Toronto

If for any reason you need a locksmith, it’s better to find one close to you. This will save you expensive transportation charges when hiring a locksmith. If you’re looking for a locksmith near you, here’s what you can do;

  • Make inquiries: Ask people, do some research.
  • Check their insurance and price tags.
  • Check online
  • Make sure you’re extremely careful
  • Stop waiting for the emergency. Get replacement car keys in advance.

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Getting the actual cost of hiring a car key locksmith may not be straightforward. That’s primarily because it depends on a lot of factors, as listed above.

For one, the type of car key you have will determine how much you have to pay for a new one. Similarly, the expertise and skill level of your locksmith will determine the final pricing. Mostly, we find that contacting a locksmith before there’s an emergency comes with lower pricing.

When you’re contacting the locksmith, you should look out for integrity. Your car key and lock are very vital. And in the world we live in today, finding trusted hands isn’t so easy. Here at Car Key Replacement, we don’t just promise you expertise, we assure you of safety, trust, and affordable services. Contact us for same-day car key replacement and duplication services today!