Different Types of Car Keys

What are the Different Types of Car Keys?

As the world gets digital, devices and tools are also becoming more high-tech. Alongside, car keys have gone high tech, as well. Replacing it is no longer complicated and inexpensive as you can simply get it through online hardware stores. In addition, most ignition keys now have a transponder that electronically communicates with the car to prevent theft. The car will not start not unless the key program is matched to it. The key systems also include an integrated fob with buttons for locking and unlocking your vehicle’s doors.

As a vehicle owner, you should know what type of car keys you have. Particularly, if you accidentally lose it. This will help you decide what type of car key to get as a replacement to the lost one. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the different types of car keys and their costs.

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Different Types of Car Keys

Traditional Key

The most basic type of key is the traditional car key. These are usually found on older cars that do not have any encoding system. This type of key is easy to made using different machines that are used to cut metal. These can be cut from a standard key blank, usually, its cost is ranging from $3-$10 only.

Master Key

The majority of early cars are equipped with master keys. It is more intended to be used in making duplication or replacement keys for a car. With that, it is basically not intended for normal use. Also, master keys are hundreds of dollars to replace. Sometimes it is more necessary to just replace the whole engine management system that only costs thousands of dollars. Nowadays, most cars do not come with a master key. However, if you purchase a used car, you should double-check the owner’s manual to see if there’s a master key. For a small master keying system, its pricing starts at just $15. 

Transponder Key

As compared to the traditional key, transponder keys are more secure to use. What makes it more secure is that this type of key has a microchip in the key handle. Since 1995, most car owners have been using transponder car keys. It works when you inserted this key into the ignition, then a sensor responds and activates the transponder. The cost to get a copy of a transponder key is anywhere from $40 to over $100. If you are planning to replace it entirely, a dealership may charge around $250. 

The Car Key Transponder with Rolling Codes 

The rolling code key is another type of transponder key and t was introduced in 1999. This rolling code key transponder sends a new unique code every time the car is used. This means that they are more practically impossible to duplicate and hack. Making them a lot more secure. This feature is used to protect the car more securely than using the traditional transponders. Since it appears more efficient, replacing this type of key is also expensive. Typically, its costs are $500 or more per key.

Switchblade Key

A switchblade key is a key that folds within itself much look like a switchblade knife. Usually, you can find a button on it that will pop out the key when you need to use it. This key can cost around $200-$300 if you are going to replace the whole thing. Nevertheless, if you just need to replace it, the cost is around $75.

Valet Key

Although some cars come equipped with a key specifically for valets, others do not have. This valet key allows the owner to give a key to a valet that will only unlock the doors and start the car. However, it cannot open the trunk, glove box or perform any other car functions. Typically, its cost is around $112 for the key fob and $64 for a valet key only.

Smart Key

A smart key is a fob that enables the car to turn on by the press of a button. However, it is only limited, you can only use this when it is within range of your car. Unlike other keys, it does not need to be inserted into the ignition. You can ask for its replacement through the dealership. Typically, it costs anywhere from $200-$400.


Final Thoughts

It is always a good idea to have an extra key on your hand or at home for an emergency. There are also some situations when you may need to replace your car keys. The transponder may stop responding or the key could break in the ignition. Your keys might be stolen or the keys were simply lost. There are many situations that may happen along the way.

Sometimes when keys are lost or stolen, it is necessary to completely replace the locking system in your car for security. However, that may cost you thousands of dollars because of the materials and labour. If you lose the key and fob, you may expect a dealer replacement and programming. Just ready your money for car key replacement.

In emergency situations like this, you can contact Car Key Replacement today. We are ready to help you out of the bind. Our team of experts has unfettered access to the latest advancements in car key tech and equipment. This enables them to offer you the best services around.

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Laser Key Cutting Services

Benefits of Getting Laser Key Cutting Services

You may think that laser key cutting services are expensive and it’s complicated to get a new set of keys made. Just imagining having to go to the car dealership for laser key cutting services is a pain. 

However, getting laser cut keys is not that bad, especially if you go to the best car key replacement service in Toronto. Having new keys made will be easy, quick, and affordable. Whatever money you spend is going to be worth it. 

Laser-cut keys are not something you can easily get in a hardware store like traditional keys. However, even if is more complex than the usual keys, there are many benefits to laser cut keys. Here are some of them.

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Locks of Laser Cut Keys are More Difficult to Pick

Before, criminals could easily break into cars and steal things or even steal the entire vehicle. It’s because the locks were much easier to pick compared to today’s modern cars. So you may think that getting laser cutting services is a pain. But we’re actually lucky today because we have the technology that makes it more difficult for criminals to steal vehicles. 

A laser-cut key has a lot of different tiny details that it’s virtually impossible for anyone to pick the lock. For you as a car owner, this means added security for the car and peace of mind for you knowing that the difficulty of picking the lock of your car is already a turn-off for would-be criminals who are planning to do things to your vehicle.

Car Key Replacement


Your Car Key is Designed Specifically for Your Car Alone

Many years back, if you have a particular type of vehicle, someone with a similar type can use their key to open your car. It’s a problematic security issue for many car owners. With so many models of the same type of vehicle being made, it means more chances of someone getting to open your car. 

With laser key cutting, that has changed. Each car key is different for each unit even if they’re the same model or manufacturer. So, you can rest easy knowing that your particular car key has been designed to open and start your car and only that car.


Laser Key Cutting Equipment is Expensive. Don’t Expect Criminals to Invest in Them

Unless the criminals are specifically interested in making laser-cut keys to steal vehicles, we can assume that it’s just too expensive and time-consuming for them. When it comes to the usual equipment for duplicating keys, those are much easier to acquire. What’s good about laser-cut keys is that they require their own laser key cutting equipment. 

So, since the equipment is not easily made available for anyone, we can safely assume that there are very few people who are making laser-cut keys so they can steal other people’s vehicles. Nevertheless, it’s still important to exercise caution whenever you park or leave your vehicle. It would be best not to be complacent. 

Lost Car Keys


Laser-Cut Keys Have Transponders

Usually, this kind of key has a  transponder in them. These transponders are programmed for your specific car alone. If you don’t have the key, and therefore, the transponder, then you won’t be able to get your car to start. It’s another layer of security and a great benefit of laser-cut keys. Even if criminals can duplicate the key, if they can program the transponder, there’s no way they can get your car running. 


Final Thoughts

Don’t be frustrated about the cost of laser key cutting services. With all the security, protection, and other benefits that you can get from laser-cut keys, it’s worth the price. And if you go to the best car key replacement service in Toronto, you’re going to get the best price for laser key cutting services. It will be money well spent.

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Lost Car Keys

How to Replace Lost Car Keys

Are you looking for a way to replace lost car keys? As with most things, we rarely realize how valuable our car keys are until we notice that they’re missing. Without your keys, you’re stuck and you would have to go through a lot of inconveniences to replace lost car keys. But instead of beating yourself up over this unfortunate situation, it’s best to focus on the next step that you should take. Let us help you with that. 

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Lost Car Keys: What to Do? 

One of the first things that you should do to replace lost car keys is to get the needed information about your vehicle. Such information will be necessary when you will be looking for a professional who can help you in replacing your lost car key.

Gather Your Car’s Information

Look for the VIN number of your car. It has several locations on the vehicle. Check the dashboard of the driver’s side. It should be visible through the car window. Also, check the rear wheel well as well as the front of your car’s engine block. Other places that the VIN number could be found are the door jam or trunk. You can also look on the car frame between the windshield washer and the carburetor. 

If you’re not successful in finding the VIN of your car in those areas mentioned, you can also check the vehicle information on your car insurance papers. It is on the top left corner of every page of the document. Remember that the VIN is a combination of 17 letters and numbers. 

Letters not included in the VIN are Q, O, and I because they could be confused with the numbers 0 and 1. But it is only applicable to models made after 1981. If you have a car that was made before 1954, note that those do not have VIN numbers.    

When you’ve got the VIN, it’s now time to look at the model, make, and the year of your vehicle. Whether you’ll go to a car key replacement specialist or the dealership to replace lost car keys, you’re going to need these pieces of information. They are necessary because it will let the specialist know what specific type of key is needed to open the vehicle. 

Call a Car Key Replacement Specialist

It’s best to call a professional who can help you to replace lost car keys. Between going to the car dealer or manufacturer and a locksmith, it’s better to go to a locksmith first. They will most likely give you a better deal for a new key. It may cost you half the price of what the dealer or manufacturer will charge. 

Another good thing about calling a car key replacement specialist is that they usually don’t charge a fee to visit the car. They will open the vehicle and then go on to replace lost keys. If you have an older car model, you have better chances of getting a replacement key because it will be much easier for the locksmith. 

If in case the car key you lost is a key fob, don’t worry. An excellent locksmith will be able to make you a new one. But you have to take into consideration how sophisticated that lost car key was. Also, the locksmith can help in reprogramming the new key. 

Programming the key is something that you can do yourself. Your manual most likely has the instructions for this. When programming, bring other key fobs that connect to your car. It’s because those may not work until your new car key has been programmed. To be sure the programming is done correctly, it is best to let the locksmith take care of it. They have specialized equipment to program keys. 

Go Online to Look for Cheaper Replacement Keys

Factory replacements of aftermarket keys may be available online and they could be much cheaper compared to going to the car manufacturer to replace lost keys. Firstly, go to an eCommerce site that is known to have reputable sellers. 

Don’t forget that the older your car model, the simpler its key and therefore, easier to replace. You may find that there are plenty of choices when it comes to replacement keys. You may even get a new set of car keys for a fraction of what you would pay if you go to your dealership. 

But when buying replacement keys online, know that you’re still going to have the key cut and then programmed. So, before you buy online for replacement keys, go around your area first so you can check the cost to have the car key cut and programmed. 

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Final Thoughts

One tip to remember to replace lost car keys is to go to the dealer when you’re out of options. It’s because getting a replacement key from the dealership is going to cost you double. If you’re going to buy keys online, do as much research as possible to make sure you will buy the right keys and that you’re buying from a trusted seller. Lastly, while you’re at it, ask the car key replacement specialist to make you a spare so you don’t have to go through all this trouble if you lose your car keys again. 

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car key replacement 24/7 service

Car Key Replacement 24/7 Service in the Greater Toronto Area

If you ever need an excellent and reliable car key replacement 24/7 service, we are here to help you. Whether it’s car key replacement, duplicating, cutting, or programming, we at Car Key Replacement are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Since 1995, we’ve been the trusted locksmith in the Greater Toronto Area. We are committed to providing our clients with the best locksmith service. Car Key Replacement 24/7 service is comprised of a team of friendly and efficient experts. 

If you find yourself locked out of your car because of broken or lost car keys, all you need to do is give us a call and we will immediately attend to your needs. Since we are available 24/7, you don’t have to worry about office hours or when our technicians are available. We will unlock your car door or trunks as well as replace your lost or broken car keys. 

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Excellent Auto Locksmith Services

When you need a car key replacement or need a spare to be made, we will be happy to provide you with the best auto locksmith services. We can also help you with remote or car fob replacement, ignition repair, and other car key services that you may require. 

Our team at Car Key Replacement 24/7 Service aims to give you the top quality service. Our expert technicians get the latest training which ensures that they will provide the best job for every client. We are fast in responding to our customers, we use high-quality equipment, and our prices are reasonable. 


We Use the Best Tools and Equipment

Our technicians at Car Key Replacement 24/7 service use the best equipment when it comes to locksmith technology. By having state-of-the-art tools, our technicians can provide efficient services to anyone in the Greater Toronto Area. Whenever our auto locksmiths perform their job, you can be sure that they are doing it in the best and most precise manner. It means you can get your keys quickly and don’t have to wait for a long time. 


Car Key Replacement 24/7 Service

If you ever find yourself having problems in turning your car key, remember not to force it. It is possible that the car key has been damaged or bent. Another scenario is when the lock pins are stuck. In this case, the pins will prevent the key from turning. To solve this problem, call the best auto locksmith in the GTA to help you. 

The technician can inspect the key and determine what the problem is. For example, you may need an ignition repair. Our team can assist you with all kinds of car key problems so that you can start your car without issues and go about your day as you planned. 

We at Car Key Replacement 24/7 service can cut as well as program all types of complex keys even on-site. You don’t have to have your car towed to your dealership so you can get a new set of car keys. Whether you have an older car model or the latest one, our auto locksmiths can handle the simplest to the most complex car key type. Some of our services include: 

  • Programming Transponder Keys – We have specialty tools as well as the latest programming equipment that allow our technician to program your transponder keys. 
  • Replacing Chipped Keys – Our car key replacement specialists use the best machines to replace and program your car keys that have computer chips. 
  • Laser Cutting – We’re proud to have the best key cutting tools so that our technicians can offer laser cutting services on-site. 
  • Key Duplication – No need to wait long for your keys to be duplicated. Since we have state-of-the-art equipment, we are sure to be fast in providing our services. 
  • Car Key Replacement – Making replacement car keys require an expert to do the job. Our technicians are certified auto locksmiths and can replace various types of car keys. 
  • Unlocking Car Doors and Trunks – We also have the necessary tools to help you if you ever need help in unlocking car doors and trunks. Our technicians are skilled in making sure that they do the job in the best possible way. 


The Best Auto Locksmith in the Greater Toronto Area

We at Car Key Replacement are proud of providing excellent service for more than two decades. Our services are top-notch and our clients are very much satisfied with what we have to offer. 

Our team of technicians are well-trained and have extensive experience, efficient, and very professional. We believe that excellent service doesn’t have to be expensive. That’s why we offer our services at reasonable prices.

Call us here at Car Key Replacement 24/7 service and we’d be happy to help you with your car key problem.

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Lost Car Keys

Lost Car Keys and No Spare: What to Do in this Situation?

Lost car keys can frustrate us so much that our day is practically ruined. Do you know what’s worse than lost car keys? Realizing that you don’t have a spare. Just what are you going to do in a situation like this? 

If you’ve misplaced your car keys and are unable to find them, then you may think already that you’re going to go through quite an expensive ordeal to get another set made. Don’t worry if you feel so miserable about not keeping a spare. It happens to the best of us. So, let’s get going and see what you can do about it. 


Identify What Type of Car Keys You’ve Lost

Some time ago, car keys weren’t complicated things. There are pros and cons to the technologically-advanced car keys that we have now. At this point, don’t panic if you can’t find your keys. That won’t help. Instead, focus on identifying the type of car key you had.

Transponder Key

This type of key is the usual type for modern cars. It’s highly likely that the key you had was a programmed transponder key. It may also have a keyless remote. If your car was made in the late 90s then chances are that it had a transponder key. 

The transponder key type is different from a traditional car key. Its pairing process for the car is taken to a higher level because it’s more secure. With that being said, figuring out a solution for lost car keys of this type can be difficult. 

Keyless Entry Remote

This car key type is also called a key fob. There are vehicles that have a pair of transponder keys and key fobs. But in recent years, newer models no longer need transponder keys. Such models relied solely on key fobs. 

Keyless entry remotes constantly communicate with your car. It makes the car even more accessible to the owner. Key fobs are advantageous in many ways until you lose them and realize you have no spare. Replacing key fobs are more expensive compared to traditional keys. 

Traditional Car Keys

This car key type is the easiest to duplicate or replace. If you have an older model, then you’re going to have an easier time finding a solution for lost car keys than if you had a newer one. It is mainly because you don’t have to pair the key with any of your car’s internal electronics. Nevertheless, traditional car keys are not as secure as the other types. So, that’s a disadvantage. 


What to Do With Lost Car Keys and No Spare? 

By now, you already know what type of car key you’ve lost. It’s time to troubleshoot the situation. Let’s go through the steps that you can take. Hopefully, you’ll be able to figure out what’s the best solution to your current predicament. 

Search for Lost Car Keys One More Time

The first step in finding lost car keys is to calm down and not panic. It will help you think more clearly. You may have searched for your car keys so many times already. But now that you’re calm, search for it one more time. 

Check your bags, your desk drawer, office, or wherever you may have placed the car keys. This step is important even if you think that you’re completely sure that you’ve lost your keys. Just give yourself enough time to search for it. You’ll save a lot of money if it turns out that you just left it in the bathroom for some reason. 

Check Your Car if You Left the Keys Inside

If the keys are nowhere to be found in your immediate surroundings, then try checking your car. Maybe you left the car keys inside. If you see that the keys are indeed just inside the vehicle, then you won’t have to worry about getting new keys or the fact that you don’t have a spare. Just remember to get a spare after this so you don’t have to go through all the trouble again. 

So, the next step now would be to call a locksmith. The locksmith will be able to open the car for you and you can get your car keys. Then hopefully, you can go home or go wherever it is you planned to go. 

Get the Vehicle Information

If the keys weren’t in the car when you checked, then it’s time to prepare the necessary information so you can ask help from a locksmith. The vehicle information that you will provide the locksmith or the dealership where you got your car will allow them to get you the correct key. 

The first thing to tell them is the kind of key you’ve lost. Another important information is your VIN or vehicle identification number, the make and model, and also the year of your car. You can check your insurance card or the document of your car registration for this. 

If in case those documents are locked inside the car, call a professional so they can check the car door. They will be able to determine the kind of key that you need. 

Assess If You’re Going to the Locksmith or Dealer

At this point, it’s clear that you need professional help so you can get a new set of car keys. The decision you have to make by now is whether you’ll ask help from a locksmith or the dealer. Let’s try to assess which of the two will be able to provide you with the best assistance. 

If you have an older vehicle, your best bet is calling a locksmith. You can forego the dealership because their services for this can be really expensive. With a locksmith, getting a replacement key will be easy. Since it’s an old model, there’s no need to program the key. 

Now, if you have a newer model, then you already know that the keys to those cars are more intricate. You may want to check the dealership for this. But again, it’s going to be costly. A good option is to find a locksmith who is an expert in car key replacement and who can also program the key. It won’t be as expensive as going to the dealership. It will also be much quicker. 

Get a Spare Key Made

Once you’ve decided whether to go to a locksmith or a dealership for the replacement of your lost car keys, request for a spare to be made. Take advantage of this situation to get a spare key. You wouldn’t want to be in a situation where you have to go through all of this again. It’s going to cost you some money. But if you compare that expense to going through the trouble and frustration of being locked out of your car, getting a spare key now is worth it. 


Final Thoughts

Lost car keys are a pain. Hopefully, along the way you’ve found your keys or remembered where you placed the spare. If not, then go ahead and call the best locksmith in your area so you can get a car key replacement. Don’t forget to have spare keys made! 

Car Key Replacement

How to Get an Affordable Car Key Replacement? 

Car key replacement is not as complicated or expensive as it seems. For many of us, we’ve experienced misplacing our keys and not being successful in finding them. Something as small as car keys can ruin our day. We may miss an important appointment like business meetings or a trip you’ve been looking forward to. 

Before, when you lose your car keys, you’re expected to also lose a lot of money. But today, with the technology that we have, you can have a car key replacement for just an hour or two. Car Key Replacement Toronto is here to make sure that your car’s value will not depreciate because of keys that have been lost. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can get a replacement without burning a hole through your wallet. 


Get the VIN First

The Vehicle Identification Number or VIN is important. You can get it from the engine bay or dashboard of your car. Also, take note of the exact model, make, and year of the car. If you’re finding it hard to obtain the vehicle identification number, you can check your insurance documents or the car’s title. 


Check Your Car Insurance

As you may already know, you’d need to pay for the premium regularly so that the insurance remains active. In the event that you lose your car keys, you can claim on the car insurance policy the amount of money that you’ve spent on the car key replacement

There are policies that offer coverage for keys on the regular car insurance. However, there are also policies that offer this as an upgrade or add-on. Before signing any car insurance policy, be sure to read the contract thoroughly and check to see if a car key replacement is covered. 


Call a Car Key Replacement Service

If you’re not at home or at the office and you’ve lost your keys, it would definitely be a hassle to leave your vehicle and find a way to get replacements. Today, you can easily call a car key replacement service and the team will take you and your car to your home, office, or wherever you may need to be. 

These services may be covered by your car insurance. Don’t hesitate to ask the service company or the insurance company on what is and what’s not covered. It is in this way that you will know upfront if you need to pay for anything and how much it’s going to cost you. 


Shop for a Replacement Online

If you have time and getting a replacement is not urgent, you can check for replacement keys online. It usually costs less compared to getting them from the car manufacturer. There are several reputable dealers on eBay, Amazon, and other platforms. However, it would be better if you can find companies online that offer specific services on replacing car keys. 

What you have to remember is that older vehicles tend to have simpler keys. They will be much easier to replace. Some vehicles need a piece of specialized equipment so that the keys can be made. Check the local companies offering car key replacement services first. Don’t forget to check the charges for the programming of keys as well. 


Buy New Keys

Among these options on getting a car key replacement, this is the one where you’ll have to spend the most. Ordering a replacement key from the car dealer will usually take one to two days. As for the cost, it may be about $200 more or less. Depending on the complexity of the car key, chances are that it’s going to cost more than that. 

It is more expensive than the others because of the programming that needs to be done. However, the best auto locksmith in Toronto can do the same for a fraction of the cost. Some of the services include programing the remote keys for you to be able to control the keyless entry, locks, and car alarm. 



The price of getting replacement car keys depends on several factors including the vehicle model as well as how quickly you need the car keys to be available. It can be very tempting to buy a cheap car key from an online dealer. However, know that this is going to be risky. There’s a 50% chance that the key you will buy online will not work or you won’t be able to program it for your vehicle. 

It is best to check local locksmiths first. You will surely find one that will offer you a replacement key at a fair price. Anyway, you can claim your insurance after getting your keys. Remember that you’re going to need some documents for that. With a reliable car key replacement company, such paperwork will be provided to you.

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