Different Types of Car Keys

What are the Different Types of Car Keys?

As the world gets digital, devices and tools are also becoming more high-tech. Alongside, car keys have gone high tech, as well. Replacing it is no longer complicated and inexpensive as you can simply get it through online hardware stores. In addition, most ignition keys now have a transponder that electronically communicates with the car to prevent theft. The car will not start not unless the key program is matched to it. The key systems also include an integrated fob with buttons for locking and unlocking your vehicle’s doors.

As a vehicle owner, you should know what type of car keys you have. Particularly, if you accidentally lose it. This will help you decide what type of car key to get as a replacement to the lost one. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the different types of car keys and their costs.

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Different Types of Car Keys

Traditional Key

The most basic type of key is the traditional car key. These are usually found on older cars that do not have any encoding system. This type of key is easy to made using different machines that are used to cut metal. These can be cut from a standard key blank, usually, its cost is ranging from $3-$10 only.

Master Key

The majority of early cars are equipped with master keys. It is more intended to be used in making duplication or replacement keys for a car. With that, it is basically not intended for normal use. Also, master keys are hundreds of dollars to replace. Sometimes it is more necessary to just replace the whole engine management system that only costs thousands of dollars. Nowadays, most cars do not come with a master key. However, if you purchase a used car, you should double-check the owner’s manual to see if there’s a master key. For a small master keying system, its pricing starts at just $15. 

Transponder Key

As compared to the traditional key, transponder keys are more secure to use. What makes it more secure is that this type of key has a microchip in the key handle. Since 1995, most car owners have been using transponder car keys. It works when you inserted this key into the ignition, then a sensor responds and activates the transponder. The cost to get a copy of a transponder key is anywhere from $40 to over $100. If you are planning to replace it entirely, a dealership may charge around $250. 

The Car Key Transponder with Rolling Codes 

The rolling code key is another type of transponder key and t was introduced in 1999. This rolling code key transponder sends a new unique code every time the car is used. This means that they are more practically impossible to duplicate and hack. Making them a lot more secure. This feature is used to protect the car more securely than using the traditional transponders. Since it appears more efficient, replacing this type of key is also expensive. Typically, its costs are $500 or more per key.

Switchblade Key

A switchblade key is a key that folds within itself much look like a switchblade knife. Usually, you can find a button on it that will pop out the key when you need to use it. This key can cost around $200-$300 if you are going to replace the whole thing. Nevertheless, if you just need to replace it, the cost is around $75.

Valet Key

Although some cars come equipped with a key specifically for valets, others do not have. This valet key allows the owner to give a key to a valet that will only unlock the doors and start the car. However, it cannot open the trunk, glove box or perform any other car functions. Typically, its cost is around $112 for the key fob and $64 for a valet key only.

Smart Key

A smart key is a fob that enables the car to turn on by the press of a button. However, it is only limited, you can only use this when it is within range of your car. Unlike other keys, it does not need to be inserted into the ignition. You can ask for its replacement through the dealership. Typically, it costs anywhere from $200-$400.


Final Thoughts

It is always a good idea to have an extra key on your hand or at home for an emergency. There are also some situations when you may need to replace your car keys. The transponder may stop responding or the key could break in the ignition. Your keys might be stolen or the keys were simply lost. There are many situations that may happen along the way.

Sometimes when keys are lost or stolen, it is necessary to completely replace the locking system in your car for security. However, that may cost you thousands of dollars because of the materials and labour. If you lose the key and fob, you may expect a dealer replacement and programming. Just ready your money for car key replacement.

In emergency situations like this, you can contact Car Key Replacement today. We are ready to help you out of the bind. Our team of experts has unfettered access to the latest advancements in car key tech and equipment. This enables them to offer you the best services around.

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