Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

9 Tips on How to Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

Let’s admit it, car keys are so easy to misplace which brings problems to every car owner’s daily lives. Besides, these keys are often strayed where and when you least expect. Lost keys lead to some issues and of course, you don’t want that to affect your job or life events. While there are no perfect ways to avoid losing your car keys, here are some tips for you to consider.

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9 Quick and Simple Tricks to Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

Buy a spare keys

Although your ultimate goal is to prevent losing your keys, it’s still important to get at least one spare keys. This will somehow resolve your lost car keys, no matter what. You can keep it hidden in your pocket, jacket or in a backpack. However, you should not forget to put the spare key back once you have used it. Just use it in case of an emergency to avoid losing it as well.

Attach a key ring

If you are experiencing some trouble in staying close to your keys, a huge key ring might do the trick. The bigger the keychain or keyring, the more chances your key can get noticed. In this way, you will never lose your keys again, particularly in your bag or backpack. You can also attach them to something you surely can’t forget to bring with you if you are forgetful.

Create a place solely for your keys

Instead of just dropping your keys wherever in your house, why not place them regularly in one spot. If you do this regularly and repeatedly, you’ll manage to create a habit, in time. Putting a key hook in your doorway is also a good option. You just need to practice yourself in placing your keys in one designated area. 

Set a reminder/Make a sticky notes

Making and placing sticky notes has a lot of benefits in your life, especially if you’re a very forgetful person. You can always write down where is the spot you placed your keys. As long as you have small pieces of paper and a pen, you can always do this. It’s just a matter of routine practice.

It’s already 2020, use the technology

We are sure that there are lots of gadgets out there that can help you locate your keys. One of these gadgets is the car keys tracker. Usually, it beeps or produces sounds to help you find your car keys so you will never lose them again. These gadgets are actually cheaper than calling a locksmith if you lost your key.

Make a catchy wall sign for your key hook

You can always do some DIY wall signs that are both colourful and catchy. This will somehow help you remind to hang up your keyring in the same key hook every day.

Give your key some space in your cabinet

We all know every one of us to have a set of cabinets in our room. You can make a small space solely for your car keys on your cabinet.

Put small glowing in the dark stickers or thing in your keyring

This one is most effective when it is dark. If you put even a small glowing sticker on your keyring you can easily find them. You can also use your favourite colour to make sure that your keys stand out.

Go for a Magnet

You can use a simple magnet hidden behind a switch plate. With this, you can turn on the lights and drop your keys all in one sweet movement.


What To Do If You Lost Your Car Keys?

If you lost your keys and have no spare key, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

File a police report

If you have misplaced your car keys outside, you should immediately notify the police authorities about the loss. Just in case of accidental misplacement, lodge a Non-Cognizable Report (NCR) with the police. While reposting you should state the details, the date and location, including the approximate time of loss.

If you suspect that a theft stole your keys, you may file a First Information Report (FIR).

Contact your dealer or the locksmith

If you have lost your keys, contact the dealer as soon as possible to check the key replacement policies. When doing this, you need to provide some important documents and car information. Provide the model of the vehicle, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), registration certificate (RC), and other personal identification details.

You may also contact the nearest local locksmith in your place to configure a new locking system for your car. When doing this, you also need to provide some information. Provide the type of keys, such as traditional key, transponder key, smart key, or keyless entry remote, etc.


Key Takeaways

Right at the moment that you have misplaced your keys or lost it to theft, you should do immediate actions. Since cars are considered high-value assets, you have to take instant steps to secure your car from mishandling.

Lost keys and locked car keys can happen at any time. That is why Car Key Replacement responds immediately. If you lock your car keys in or misplace them, you can shoot us a message at info@carkeysreplacement.ca. You can also give us a call at 647-222-8752 for immediate response. Our emergency car key replacement for Toronto residents has got you covered.

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