car dealerships vs. locksmiths

Car Dealerships vs. Locksmiths: Which Is the Better Option For Car Key Replacement?

Misplacing your car key or locking it inside the car by accident can be an irritating situation. In some instances, your keys can be stolen too. When these unfortunate things happen to your car key, there are some ways you can get a spare. You can get car key replacement done by a dealership or a locksmith. Both these car key replacement providers have similar results but differ in some ways. 

In this article, you will understand which is a better option for replacing your car keys. Can dealerships give you excellent service? Or is calling a locksmith the better option to go? 

Why Choose an Automotive Locksmith For Car Key Replacement?

Are you confused about whether to get car key replacement from a locksmith or a dealership? You should consider these factors.  

Automotive Locksmith Service Costs

When going through an automotive locksmith, you are more  likely to pay less money to replace your car keys compared to a dealership. Dealerships are known for having costly prices when it comes to their services, even if it’s only for basic services like changing your oil or rotating your tires. 

If basic services already cost that much, consider how high the prices are for more technical procedures. These technical services include the replacement of transponder keys or cutting new car keys. 


Most automotive locksmiths come to your location to cut and replace your keys right on the spot. Consequently, this method is much more convenient than scheduling an appointment at your car dealership. Sometimes, determining a good time that will work for both your schedule as well as the dealerships can be a problem. 

If the car dealership is not in your locality, you may need to travel back and forth. Besides, you may need to wait for hours to get your car key replacement service

However, when you contact a car locksmith, they can come over directly to your exact location. There, you can receive your car key replacement any time that you need it. All you have to do is call the right locksmith.

Equipment Needed

You might be worried that a locksmith won’t always give you the best service because of the lack of equipment. However, the best car key replacement services in Toronto have the right equipment to help you replace your car keys. 

Also, most locksmiths have the equipment for repairing and replacing door locks and ignition switches. So if you are unsure about whether you should consider hiring a locksmith due to equipment, there’s no need to worry about it.

Car Dealerships vs. Locksmiths

When it comes to the car key services, the difference between a locksmith and a dealership is in the specialization. Take into account that a dealership is a multi-purpose business. Dealerships may eventually unlock your door, but it’s not their primary service. On the other hand, locksmiths are car key specialists. Their primary business service and goals are built around making car key replacement easier as convenient for their clients as possible. 

Unlike dealerships, you don’t need to make appointments at a locksmith’s and sit for hours in a waiting area. Also, you don’t need to get a ride to get a temporary spare key. When you choose to get car key replacement with a locksmith, you can stay with your vehicle and they will assist you.

Nevertheless, the choice is still in your hands. Some people trust their car dealership more than a local locksmith. Others may prefer to make the dealership their go-to for any car service. But if you’re looking for more convenience, less hassle, and better prices, you should consider a locksmith to replace your car keys.

Why Should You Think Twice Before Getting Car Key Replacement at a Dealership?

If you have no problem when it comes to convenience and time, then visiting a local dealership is ideal for you. However, keep in mind that dealerships sometimes charge a premium fee. You may pay around $200 for a key replacement, especially on some of the modern cars. With the time factor, you should definitely think twice about going to the dealership for car key replacement.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in an emergency or can’t wait any longer to get a replacement to your key, consider a local locksmith. Also, if you are concerned about the extra price tag that comes with towing your car to a dealership, find a locksmith. 

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