Most Common Car Key Problems and Solutions

Most Common Car Key Problems and Solutions

Most people never consider the need to pay special attention to common car key problems. After all, it’s neither the engine of your car nor its gear.

Well, if that’s your case. Then, you’ll be surprised to find out that there’s the need to pay special attention to it. This is because, just like other car parts, it can get faulty. 

Worse, this will stop you from entering or starting your car. And of what use is a car that you can’t enter or start? For us to enable you to make better choices, in this article, we’ll discuss common car key problems. Then, we’ll tell you how to avoid and solve them.

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Common Car Key Problems You Should Know

Most Common Car Key Problems and Solutions

Usually, if you have a problem with your car key, it’ll most likely fall under four categories. They are:

Damage to your key

Well, there’s no doubt that car keys are durable. For instance, they don’t just break or bend. However, this doesn’t mean they’re immune to damage. 

Yes, a car key can sometimes suffer damage. This is especially in cases where you fail to provide the minimum standard of care.

For instance, I’d you throw your key around or allow just anybody to play with them. In such cases, chipping and bends may occur.

Then, in time, you’ll find out that your key doesn’t fit in anymore. You may even have problems starting your car.

Loss of connection with the engine control unit (ECU)

One of the most common car key problems is a loss of connection with a car’s ECU. Typically, when you insert your key into the ignition hole, it sends a unique code to the ECU. 

The system recognizes this code and allows the car to start. Unfortunately, this system can experience problems. In such cases, the system fails to recognize the unique code. In turn, this stops the car from starting.

Loss of key

This isn’t exactly like other common car key problems. In this case, there’s no damage or issue to the key. It’s more of the inability to locate the key.

Usually, this can occur in various ways. For instance, it may be that you misplaced the key. Or that someone stole it. 

Well, regardless of the circumstances, this is a problem. Typically, you’ll be unable to find your way into the car. Even if you did, you’d be unable to start the car.

Here’s a quick side note, it’s a bad idea to try the traditional break-in entry or ignition method. You’ll merely damage your car. As such, it’s better to get a car key replacement.

Most Common Car Key Problems and Solutions

Wrong key placement

This occurs when you place your key inside your car and then lock it. Usually, it may be in your car trunk or driver’s seat.

This problem gets even worse where you have an extra key. But then, it’s also inside your glove compartment. Hence, you can’t access both keys, and you’ll have trouble entering your car. 

How to Avoid Common Car Key Problems 

Although these problems are quite disturbing, you can easily avoid them. To do this, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Ensure you keep your car key in a safe place. It’s always better to store them in the same place every time. This way, you can quickly locate it anytime you need it.
  • Always have a spare car key. Ensure you keep it at home and not in your car. Also, don’t keep it in a similar location with your primary key. 
  • Regularly change the battery of your key fob.

Solutions to Car Key Issues

Well, now you know your car keys’ safety should be of concern to you. However, in case you’re experiencing any of the common car key problems.

Here are some solutions to car key issues.

Reprogram your key

This solution is particularly relevant if your key has lost connection with your car’s ECU. In this case, you’ll need to approach an expert to help you reprogram it. This way, your car can begin to read and accept its unique code again.

Car key replacement 

Another solution to your car key issues is to get a replacement. This is best for situations where you can’t find your car key. Or you have the spare locked in your car. In this instance, your only option is to get a car key replacement. 

Most Common Car Key Problems and Solutions

Final Thoughts on Common Car Key Problems

The fact is, your car key isn’t immune to damage or issues. Various issues can occur. As such, you need to be extra careful with them.

However, if you’re facing any of these common car key problems and need help, you can check out our car key replacement services in Toronto and the GTA. We can help with either reprogramming or replacement of your car key.