How to Duplicate Car Keys With Chips

Over the decades, auto manufacturers have tried to think up several ways to prevent auto theft. Fortunately, with the use of advanced technology, the auto theft problem has been resolved. The “transponder”, “coded,” or “chip” keys is a new tech, which emits an electronic signature that gives the ignition permission to start. With this new innovation comes the problem of wondering how to duplicate car keys with chips.

Technically, it’s not only a key, but it’s like a password of sorts. Just like a password, each coded key has its particular signature. Since it has a unique coded key, you cannot just copy them, unlike the regular car keys. To get it working, you must program the keys for your car’s particular frequency.

However, there are steps you can follow to make a copy of your key fobs. As the leading car key replacement company in Toronto, we will provide you with the information you need. Keep reading to learn more.

What are Car Keys With Chips?

Car keys with chips are called transponder keys. Automotive manufacturers use transponder keys to prevent car theft issues. Chip or transponder keys have unique digital codes that allow them to communicate with cars fitted with transponder systems. Since it has a unique digital code, you must place the right chip key in the ignition to start the vehicle. However, due to the sophisticated technology, replacing chip keys is way more difficult and expensive than duplicating other automotive keys.

The transponder key is not used to lock and unlock the doors of your car but used to start your vehicle. If you want to turn your car keys into a transponder key, you have two options. You can either go to your car dealer or the local automotive locksmith.

How to Duplicate Car Keys With Chips

The following steps will help you make a copy of your car key with chips. 

Option 1: Get a Key Online

One option is to purchase a key online. Browse the internet to see what car key replacement shops offer the best price on your key. However, a key from an online key shop will not arrive programmed. If you purchase chip car keys online, you still need to call your dealership or a locksmith to program it correctly. 

Also, before buying car keys online, check if your dealership or locksmith programs keys that come from another store. For security and proprietary reasons, some dealerships or locksmiths may prefer to get their own keys.

Option 2: Get a Duplicate from a Dealership or Locksmith

Between the two choices, dealerships often charge more than some automotive locksmiths. You may call your dealership or a locksmith to order your key to get a copy immediately. Ask the dealership or locksmith how long the car key duplication will take. 

Usually, it takes about four hours because they must first find the key in their inventory. After getting the key, they will then program and cut it. This is the major step in the process of how to duplicate car keys with chips.

As soon as you get the duplicated key, test it in your vehicle to ensure that it starts your ignition. If it doesn’t work, you may ask your car key provider to make sure the key is programmed correctly. 

Tips and Warnings in Duplicating Car Chip Keys

  • Although some cars allow you to program a copy of a transponder key (purchased online), check your owner’s manual. Consulting your car’s manual is crucial. Most vehicles allow up to four copies of a key. However, there may be some specialized instructions that you have to follow. 
  • Make sure that the locksmith is an authorized vendor for your type of vehicle. Remember, automotive companies franchise the right to code and copy their keys.
  • To avoid scams, look for a locksmith who is only associated with a professional organization. Some companies that advertise in the phone directory are not licensed or state-certified. You can also use the internet to find certified and trained locksmiths in your locale.

Benefits of Transponder Car Keys

If you are worried about the cost of duplicating your car keys with chips, consider the benefits. 

Transponder keys provide more security for your car

Transponder keys have a tiny computer chip inside them. It is used to authenticate the original key before duplicating the key. 

When you plug the key into the ignition, the Engine Control Unit (ECU) sends a coded message to the key. That’s the only way your car will work. Without it, no one can steal your car. 

Transponder keys have an embedded chip

The chip is powered by the radio signals itself that are transmitted by the car. These radio signals have low strength. It means that you can only activate the chip when it is pushed into the ignition to start the vehicle. 

You can also activate it only when the key is very near to the dashboard. This makes it easier to start and drive your vehicle. 

Final Thoughts

If you lose your car keys, it can be a huge problem without a replacement set handy. As such, you need to figure out how to duplicate your car keys with chips as soon as possible. If you need duplication for your keys, you can contact Car Key Replacement

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